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Why you need Group Shots on Your Wedding Day

No matter how much you might prefer candid, documentary style photography, I believe groups shots still play an important role on your wedding day. Here’s why you need Group Shots on your wedding day!

Avoid the Rogue Organiser!

If YOU don’t have a group list then SOMEONE ELSE WILL.  Yes I’m talking rogue, freestyle group organisers. People, especially from older generations, expect there to be formal group shots at a wedding and are likely to be confused and disappointed of there isn’t any. With the best of intentions Aunty Mags will start organising groups and I can promise you now they won’t be done efficiently and they won’t be a balanced representation of both families, and this can lead to problems!

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Retain Control!

You’re in Control. If you have a list, even a very small one, it gives your photographer the authority to close people down. I can politely put an end to a million suggestions and any awkward moments are mine not yours.

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Avoid Missing People

Candid photography is GREAT but it can risk key people can be missed. Some people are incredibly good at hiding from the camera. If it’s important to you to have photos of them then get them in a group! Once your group shots are done it means I have a visual record on my camera of the people who are closest to you. I try to look at this in any quieter moments and use it as a guide for who to prioritise in the candids.

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Groups Create Great Candids Too!

Groups shots don’t have to be at the expense of candids. Done correctly and efficiently they don’t take up a lot of time and the process of gathering people together naturally leads to unplanned moments involving key people.

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So Don’t Fear Groups!

Keep the list short and get them done as soon as possible after the ceremony while everyone still looks smart. That way YOU can focus on partying and enjoying yourself and I will be free to creatively float around knowing that those shots are in the bag!