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Intimate wedding at Silverholme Manor


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Romantic rain and botanical vibes on the shores of Windermere

Intimate weddings for around 30 people have been a definite trend this year, and I flipping love them. Enough of a crowd to feel like a party, but without the overwhelming feel of a huge gathering where decent conversations can become sparse and spread out. Emily and Jamie chose the beautiful Silverholme Manor for their celebrations. The grand Georgian manor house is a stunning location with luxury accommodation for immediate family and friends. You can base yourselves in the main house but also use the smaller property adjacent for your ceremony and reception if you wish. It’s flooded with natural light and has everything you need for an intimate wedding. Emily and Jamie decorated it with plants for a botanical (and eco-conscious) vibe.

The weather was a little on the rainy side for sure, but these two proved that embracing the elements is always worth it for the photos. They enjoyed romantic anorak-clad snuggles on the lake shore while I’ll snapped happily away. If you’re interested in just a few hours coverage for a smaller wedding please get in touch.

Looking for a top notch catering company?

Foray Catering

The team at Foray catering not only do a magical job with your catering, they are super lovely too! They’re a young team but with very impressive experience and credits and it shows in every perfect dish they prepare. From a photographers point of view they look was wonderful as they taste, so expect lots of photos of the food if you book then and me!

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The photos are beautiful. Each one is a piece of art!

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Thinking of booking a wedding at Silverholme Manor?

If you’re considering a Silverholme Manor intimate wedding please feel free to contact me about my thoughts on this great venue and how to make the most of it.