Tiree Dawson Photography | Rebecca and David's Wedding Eve

The day before Rebecca and David's destination wedding in France I popped over to the estate in Fanjeaux to meet everyone and have a look around. I shot a little bit of video and some stills and here they are in a short little clip. With more and more couples making a long weekend of their festivities I might start offering this as an additional part of my wedding package. It's like a pre-shoot for the whole wedding party - we just hang out for a couple of hours and I wave my camera around here and there - which gets the kids, dogs, and adults used to it! It also gives me an extra chance to get to know you all - the stories behind how you fit together and how you got to be there. These are the stories I'll be aiming to tell through my images the next day, so it's great to get a head start!

This is my very humble first attempt, completely unplanned and cobbled together, but you've got to start somewhere, right? Remember to click to go large! :)