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Lake District Elopement Photography

Even before the Covid pandemic, Lake District elopement and micro weddings were rapidly increasing in popularity. They are now, happily, much more “normalised” and, well, accepted, than ever before.

Whilst big weddings bring excitement, endless entertainment and energy, tiny weddings are often more intimate, relaxed and focussed on the couple.

Photographing an elopement requires a calm, sensitive, unobtrusive approach. Those who choose to say “I do” out of the limelight can often be introverted and even genuinely terrified of having their photograph taken. If this sounds like you, please don’t worry, and please don’t shy away from booking a photographer. You’ll find that booking someone who has a great deal of experience of shooting elopements will make a big difference. You need someone who is used to being a professional gooseberry and can make the time they spend with you feel like just going for a wander with a friend (who happens to be able to take amazing photos of you at the same time!)

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