Joyful wedding couple with guests throwing confetti.

Unveiling Bridal Makeup Secrets – Tips from a Professional Makeup Artist

I asked one of my favourite make up artists Felicity Ashby to share her tops tips for keeping your wedding make up looking perfect all day long. This is one of the main things I notice about professionally applied make up – it just lasts SO much better. Unless you have serious make up skills, what you’ll probably find if you decide to do your own is that you look great when you appear at the top of the aisle, but it just doesn’t last. There’s no way to put it gently – your face takes a hammering on a wedding day. Hot flushes of emotion, tears, constant hugging and kissing from everyone, getting sweaty on the dancefloor – and added to that whatever the Lake District weather decides to throw at you. It’s a lot for a face of make up to withstand!

For those of you opting for a quiet elopement wedding, not all of these factors come into play, but having a professional make up artist is still very much advised by me. Not only is it nice to feel pampered, but having someone with you on the morning of your elopement is invaluable for calming your nerves. The make up artists I recommend are all well versed in the world of elopements and will be able to answer any questions you might have and calm any anxieties. When you’re sat in the make up chair that artist becomes a therapist as much a make up expert! I can really see the positive difference when I arrive. Finally if you’re not used to wearing much make up and are worried about not looking like yourself, then have a chat to your MUA even if you can’t have a trial. All of the artists I recommend are wonderful and creating incredibly natural looks that photograph beautifully.

Making the most of your wedding make up: 4 Tips

Dab don’t wipe!

Things are bound to get emotional but making sure you delicately dab away any tears with a tissue rather than wiping will ensure the product stays put and does not budge! If you are worried about product slipping, a small sample pot with your foundation or concealer can be a great idea to have to hand.

Lipstick is a must!

Make sure you get hold of your own version of the lip product your MUA uses on you. Even something similar is useful to top up with every few hours. This will keep your make up perfect between all the kissing, laughing, drinking and eating!
At a pinch even a decent lip balm will help. You definitely don’t want dry lips in those professional photos!

Powder + Blotting Paper

A small pressed powder compact will keep on top of excess shine. Your skin will naturally glow throughout the day, but a delicate dust of powder in the centre of your face before the evening party is a quick fix to top up longevity. If you’re worried about overdoing the powder then use some blotting paper to dab away any excess oil without removing make up. This keeps everything intact and controlled without looking cakey.

Relax and smile!

Your make up always looks best when you are feeling your happiest! Enjoy your special day and I can guarantee you will look incredible all the way from the morning right up until your head hits the pillow.

Lake district wedding portrait featuring bride at armathwaite hall
Lake district wedding portrait featuring couple on shores of bassenthwaite lake

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