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April 13, 2017  •  8 Comments

We are just back from an amazing 3 days in Ibiza. With flights at just £25 return from Manchester, and accommodation at Ibiza All Suite being great value, we decided it would be rude not to! It's the shortest trip abroad that we've done with the kids, but it worked really well. Obviously we'd have loved longer in the sun, but 3 days was all we could squeeze into a busy Easter schedule - and it was definitely worthwhile. The kids are (on the whole!) a total pleasure to travel with and see it as all part of the adventure.

Looking back through these photos made me realise that I'm probably never going to grow out of my habit of telling people to stand in front of nice bits of wall and doorways, but I guess there are worse habits to have! It's also interesting seeing how the kids change over time when it comes to holiday photos - they're now that bit more self conscious and super aware of social media and trends, babes certainly grow up fast these days!

We all loved the Postcard Challenge - for once I was organised enough to order some vintage postcards before we went (I think I'm the only person who buys the postcards before the holiday!) - we had great fun tracking down the beaches and re creating the scenes - you can spot them below. I love the thought of generations upon generations enjoying the sand and the sea in the same spots that we visited :)

Can't WAIT for our next adventure...Poland! :) x


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