Tiree Dawson Photography | Perfect Rain for a River Loving Couple at stunning Knipe Hall

Perfect Rain for a River Loving Couple at stunning Knipe Hall

August 31, 2016  •  7 Comments

I won't lie. I was just a little bit gripped about shooting Helen and Richard's wedding. I always keep a close eye on the weather. In fact I'm obsessed with it. It certainly wouldn't take Sherlock to determine my whereabouts for any given week, there's a weather browser window on my phone open for each and every wedding and I refresh them several times a day. So yep, the forecast for Helen and Richard...despite it being JULY...was looking a little, erm, challenging. Their venue was the stunning Knipe Hall, which I love to bits, but which also poses it's own challenges for a photographer. There are few more rustic, romantic places to say "I do" than their ancient party barn, but those of you who know a bit about photography would certainly walk in there and think *ooooo tricky*. There's little available natural light and mainly from one side only, so with no flash allowed during the ceremony, you're going to need a whole army of ISO, a rock steady hand and a damn sharp eye.

Anyway, this blog is here on my site for several reasons. Firstly, I think it's important to show a range of work shot in lots of different conditions. Whenever I meet prospective clients I always encourage them to talk to other photographers too. I suggest they ask to see full wedding galleries, in poor weather and, ideally, in the season they have chosen. Shooting a wedding in a downpour, or when nightfall is mid afternoon is definitely an acquired skill. Secondly (and severally) I just completely loved this wedding. I'd never met Helen and Richard before, and as I ventured through the heavy mist on Shap Fell that morning in my little Fiat, I thought about how this was going to be a day of storytelling. There wasn't going to be any dreamy light, nor a golden hour. No sun flares, no lovely long shadows. At best we might get a lighter shower in between the downpours. So it had to just be about them, their relationship, their families and friends and all the little parts of their journey that had led to today. That would just have to be the light I needed.

Luckily for me their stories were brilliant and I couldn't have asked for a happier bunch of people to brave the elements with. I'll never forget Helen's mum's speech (not least because she reminded my so much of my mum who I miss so much). The unexpected gust of wind that emptied a whole drainpipe of water onto the group shot (I'm about 70% sorry for laughing). The readings, the singing. Our ridiculous trip in the pouring rain down to the bridge, and then even more madness as we struggled down to the edge of the river (my feet are still drying out). And the tea towels - I LOVED the tea towels. Every wedding needs tea towels on the walls! Even Mr.Whiteboard. I hope he's not totally retired Helen?

So this one is for all the couples who get a rainy day. Who eat their afternoon tea picnic inside. Who put up with getting wet hair and muddy heels and a dirty dress. Who wade through it and rise above it all in the name of true love. May the warm sun shine on you forever more!

Venue: Knipe Hall (it really is amazing, don't be put off for a second my any of the light stuff I put above, just book me!)
Flowers: Green Wheat by Laura Tuer
Hair and make up: Greg Malloy
Catering: I Do Wedding Catering - I am totally recommending these guys for everything now, just brilliant.
Band - The Noise Club - I can't seem to find a website but they were ace too!


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