Tiree Dawson Photography | A Botanical Bridal shoot at Holker Hall, one of Britain's Best Loved Stately Homes

A Botanical Bridal shoot at Holker Hall, one of Britain's Best Loved Stately Homes

May 03, 2016  •  11 Comments



Welcome to our first styled shoot of 2016 - and what a cracker it was! This time we were lucky to be hosted by the stunning Holker Hall & Gardens - one of the area's newest and most desirable wedding venues. We sheltered in the grand rooms of the Hall during the hail and snowstorms (yes, that's right, at the end of APRIL!), we danced in the blossom filled gardens, we dined in the brand new Ilex Brasserie and we cavorted in the courtyard - we were there for a LONG time but only just touched the surface of all the opportunities this amazing place has to offer. 

As with our other shoots, we worked to a theme, ensuring that we were all singing off the same hymn sheet -  and it was vital to us that the style complimented the venue and its history. Aimee, Make up artist extraordinaire, summed it up way better than I ever could:

'More Kew than Countryside, this girl does not forage - she seeks out nature's chic-est adornments and weaves them into her look. Fresh, modern, clean. The boldest greens of the horticultural world entwined in the loose wisps of a slightly undone chignon. She is a magpie for metals and sheen. Dewey sun-kissed skin with highlights of gold and pearl provides the perfect canvas for the lustre of copper pigment swathed across the eyelids. The perfect contradiction of the natural and the luxe. The Botanic and The Metallic.'

One of my own personal aims for the day was to challenge myself to shoot a bit differently to normal - a little more posed, stately and glamorous (the shots that is, not me - I certainly wasn't any of those!!). I also played around with some new post processing techniques to try to give a classic, painterly look. I'm still planning on keeping my signature airy, fresh, laid back style when I deliver client work, but it's always handy to have a few new ideas in the bag! 

We were, of course, working with yet another dream team - see the to-die-for cast list below - a pleasure as always!

Photography Tiree Dawson Photography
Co-ordination and lighting/backdrop hire: Typical Type
Venue: Holker Hall
Catering: The Ilex Brasserie, Holker Hall
Styling: Nina Marika
FloristValerie Ann's
Make Up: Aimée Chorley
Hairstylists: Beth Nelson and Ben Dixon at Daniel Gray Hairdressers
Bridal wear and accessories: Mears Ghyll Bridal Rooms
Cakes: Poppy Pickering
Stationery and favours: Julia Eastwood and Gooseberry Moon
Models: Indus, Stef and Hannah


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Beauty Queen...
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Amazing wedding photography indeed, thanks. All the photos are just sizzling at the sun.
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I love these gorgeous photos.All are looking so stunning.
Perfect, very helpful. Thanks for sharing!
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Beautiful girls.really so pretty all of them.Nice photography also.Thanks
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