Tiree Dawson Photography | A Teeny Tiny Perfect Wedding at The Gilpin Lake House

A Teeny Tiny Perfect Wedding at The Gilpin Lake House

February 10, 2016  •  3 Comments


I do love teeny tiny weddings, especially when they're as perfectly formed as this one. Jo and Simon chose to say "I do" at the Gilpin Lake House, with just two special guests as bridesmaid and best man. No speeches, no favours, no wedding cars....no matter....this was full on romance and love, focused, fun and just damn gorgeous.

I've shot many times at the Lake House, but this was my first time for a ceremony in the Boathouse. I really hope it's not my last - I'd happily wedge myself in that tiny space between the perfectly weathered denim sofa and the chalky wood clad walls a hundred times over - there can't be many things more romantic than getting married in that intimate, cosy space looking out onto your own private lake.

After the ceremony we ventured out into the woods for some photos, the rain being kind and just-and-so holding off for us. When it got a bit chilly we popped back to the Boathouse for tea and macaroons, then out for round two.

I don't know what was in that tea, but Jo assures me that Simon usually hates having his photo taken...which was odd as he quickly assumed the role of Creative Director and we had loads of fun!

Two hours went super quick, and it was time for me to leave them to it and head off home with a big smile on my face.

If you're having a tiny wedding, please have a good think about what's important. When you're doing things simply, it's tempting to cut back on all the trimmings - but don't be too frugal! I've shot hundreds of small weddings and in my experience I think a few things are still very much worth spending on. Jo and Simon inspired me to write this, as I realised afterwards that they got it exactly right.

Tiny Weddings: 5 things to remember!

Something to set the mood: Treat yourself to some nice toiletries and a luxurious scented candle while you're getting ready - they'll last way beyond the day itself and act as a sensual reminder, as well as being a super-easy future anniversary gift for your other half to give you!

Hair and Make up: It might not normally be your thing, but it can be nice to have a simple make over to make you feel extra special. A good hair stylist and make up artist will make you feel like the best version of yourself rather than someone else.

Flowers: A few carefully chosen blooms go a long way. If you really don't want a bouquet at least consider a nice clutch bag that you can use again - nervous hands need something to grab hold of! Simon and Jo's flowers were provided by the wonderful Brackens of Bowness.

Music: Even if you're walking into the ceremony room together, a simple, meaningful piece of music can really help to create a focused, serene mood - and it costs nothing.

Photos: I know, of course I'd say that. But please, please, think carefully about investing in a good photographer if you're having a tiny wedding. If anything these photos will be even more important, with so many friends and family not there on the day itself. You don't need hours of coverage - my packages start at just 60 minutes. It's amazing what you can cover in that short amount of time, and how many memories you can record forever. Choose a photographer who is used to shooting elopements and intimate weddings, who is good at reading a situation and putting you at ease. Couples who choose a small scale celebration are often (but certainly not always!) more introverted and less confident in front of the camera. Choose a photographer who is sympathetic to this and who can gently help you to achieve natural images that reflect your relationship together and make the most of the surroundings.



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