Hello, this is me!

I come from a pretty wacky family. My journeys to school usually involved holding pots of “beautiful” mould or bags of animal parts for dissection carefully on my knee in the car (mum was a biology teacher). My holidays generally brought weeks on end of extreme backpacking in the remote Pyrenees, where a raisin in your porridge was a once a week treat and we cut the handle off our shared toothbrush to make it even lighter.

On those long adventures there wasn’t really anything to read apart from my mum’s illustrated journals and her tiny notebook detailing all her camera settings. These, along with an ever present tiny watercolour set, laid the path for a creative future and a resilient, adventurous attitude to life in general.

My ability to get on with everyone is key to my success as a wedding photographer. I’m a straight A student who is equally at home behind the bike sheds. The rules of composition, colour and texture are always in my head (thanks to a First Class MA in Art History) but knowing when and how to break them is what really excites me.

I live in a little cottage in the heart of the English Lakes (local born and bred!) with my husband Sam and my two teens Milo and Summer, cats Spook and Kite and a million birds that I am obsessed with feeding!

Oh and by the way – my name – please don’t worry about how to pronounce it! I get called all sorts! It’s Tiree – after the island – and it’s pronounced “Ty-ree”. Someone once thought I was called “Thai Green”…that might help you remember!

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