Tiree Dawson Photography | About Me


My first love is spending time with my friends and family (especially my husband Sam and my two young kids Milo and Summer).

Straight after that comes my love of taking photos.

I can picture the image in my head, look through the lense and make it happen. It makes me shiver with excitement.

My interest in photography stems from an early age. I spent many long summers as a youngster backpacking with my parents in the Pyrenees, where I helped my mother to carry her photographic equipment and record the technical details of each shot in a tiny notepad. Growing up in a highly creative environment led to me graduating with a First in Art History from St Andrew's University in 2000 (missing Prince William by just a couple of months….much to the luck of Miss.Middleton). Back then I had no intention of becoming a photographer. It hadn't even crossed my mind as being a way of making a living. But, looking back, I realise that four years of studying art across a number of eras and disciplines, including photography, put me in good stead for what I do now. A deep understanding both of the rules of composition, colour and texture, and of when and how they can be broken, is something I make use of on a daily basis.

I've decided not to specialise in one area. I’ve discovered, over the last few years, that a mixture of commercial and social photography gives me the balance I need. I thrive on variety, and the huge range of subjects I shoot gives me lots of energy. Skipping from a blushing bride to a bowl of Michelin-starred porridge to a tiny newborn baby…who could resist?!

This variety also makes me a better photographer.  Every subject I shoot informs another. A wedding, for example, comprises all the other elements I work on - still life (shoes, bouquets, table settings), children, pets, and food and drink, as well as portraits. Being conversant in all these areas means I have more confidence and bring extra value to my clients.

When I'm not taking photos, you’ll probably find me helping to run our self catering businesses – Crosthwaite House and Stay Tiny.

If you want to find out a bit more about how I juggle everything - check out this interview I did for Zenfolio!

I'd love to capture something special for you - whether it's your wedding day, kids, dog, products, venues....you can be sure I'll be filled with enthusiasm to do the best job I can and to provide you with images to be proud of.

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For more information on my commercial work please visit my other company, Random Chair Ltd.

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