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Hello, I'm tiree

Successfully photographing a wedding requires so much more than good technical knowledge. It’s about knowing how to be.

I build trust quickly and effortlessly with the two of you and with every guest – in every situation – so that the images I take are as natural as possible . I can never quite decide if I’m an energetic person or a calm one. Maybe it’s these contrasts that enable me to photograph your wedding with subtlety, style and sensitivity. I hide in the shadows to capture the gentlest of moments and I’m right up there with the craziest on the dance floor, sucking up the energy and vibrance. I love both parts equally. Over 700+ weddings I’ve developed a way of working that allows you (and me!) to fully enjoy your big day whilst ensuring we create timeless images together. My style blends the authenticity of a documentary approach with fine art composition and flair – truthful yet flattering.

These are the images that will keep the memories and feelings fresh for generations to come.


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yes. you can have it all.

The authenticity of a documentary approach with fine art composition and flair...


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"Tiree's work is like Coco Chanel had a love child with Leonardo da Vinci and delivered it wrapped in a designer raincoat"

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