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Window Light Portraits: Inspiration and Tips

Window Light is some of the most beautiful light for creating portraits on your wedding day. Here are a few examples for inspiration. For the photographers out there I’ve included some tips on how I create images like these with minimal time and preparation on a busy wedding day!

I hope these window light portraits provide you with some inspiration. If you can allow me just 5-10 minutes of your time before the ceremony to grab shots of you both individually it really does make a huge difference to your final wedding gallery. Wedding days are always wonderfully wild. You can be assured that your perfect hair, make up and outfit will be subjected to all sorts once you leave the room you’ve been getting ready in! Hugs, kisses, sweat, tears, wind, rain, hot weather…. whilst professional hair and make up can almost perform miracles in the face of all this, you’re never going to look quite as perfect as you do in those few moments before the ceremony!

Please talk to your suppliers to make sure you have space for these portraits on your day. You can view a reel about this here!