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Weddings 2022: The Busiest Ever Wedding Photography Season in the Lakes!

2022……W H O O S H. That was a crazy ass whirlwind of a year. 129 weddings. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE.

I barely had time to pee and when I did I was usually stuffing a packet of oatcakes down my mouth at the same time. While it was certainly interesting to plough through that immense challenge of a workload, it’s not something I’d recommend or hope to repeat. It literally took everything I’ve got not to let anyone down, cock anything up, miss anything or quite simply just self implode. But that’s it, the chaos of Covid Times has finally been dealt with – every one of the many MANY rescheduled weddings has happily been completed – yay!

HUGE shout out to Sam who pretty much single-handedly kept the household running (whilst also working 4 days a week making sure bridges are safe for everyone!) Also a MASSIVE thank you to each and everyone one of my couples who have been a joy to photograph, have fed me, looked after me, never pestered me for anything and, best of all, just allowed me to get on with being creative.

I am forever grateful to every venue, supplier, registrar, friend, family and total random that recommends me and points people in my direction. It means the world to my little business.

Here’s hoping 2023 brings health, happiness, slightly more play than work and a million more magical moments in front of my camera. Let’s do this!

Cumbria Registars

Cragwood Country House Hotel

Merewood Country House Hotel

Lakeside Hotel

Paddock Barn Weddings

The Townhead Estate

Briery Wood Country House Hotel

Lakes Hotel

Cote How Lake District Weddings

Lindeth Howe Weddings

Storrs Hall

Askham Hall

Hidden River Cabins

Gilpin Hotel & Lake House

Laura Ashley Hotels, The Belsfield

The Wild Boar

Broadoaks Country House

The Punch Bowl Inn, Crosthwaite

Hause Hall The Rowley Estates

Kinmount House

Pennard House

Belmount Hall