Weddings 2020: Joy Amongst the Chaos

Well, I had planned on posting this 2020 montage on New Year’s Eve, but seeing as Cumbria has now been plunged from Tier 2 to 4 and a new wave of couples are having to postpone again (some now for the fourth time) I am going to share it now in the hope that it might help to show that despite everything love really does win in the end.

I have been so lucky to somehow still photograph 35 weddings this year, and here they are. Apart from a handful at the very beginning of 2020, these couples all faced set backs, challenges, uncertainty, last minute swerves and quite honestly total chaos in the face of their wedding plans. What should have been an enjoyable build up to the day has been fraught with panic, stress and endless flexing to new rules. BUT – these guys made it in the end – and look at all that joy!

To all of my lovely couples who should be in this slideshow and aren’t – hang on in there – your days will come and they will be so bloody wonderful, that is for certain. We just have to keep pegging on as best we can. Stay safe everyone and here’s hoping next year’s round up is full of massive family groups and devilishly wild parties.

Tiree x