The Bright Side: Wedding photos full of colour, fun and style

In a lot of my marketing I choose to show images which emphasise the classic Tiree Tones – muted, earthy shades with a hint of violet (which is weird as purple is probably my least favourite colour!) I tend to favour these colours for portrait work in particular as I find them the most flattering for pretty much all skin tones and I love how they gently take backstage to allow the subjects to pop. Sometimes seeking out places with these tones is as important to me as finding the right light.
As a wedding photographer, however, there are only tiny parts of the day where I have complete compositional control over what is happening in front of me – more often than not I use a more documentary style approach to tell the story without interrupting it. I love the challenge of trying to prioritise the candid approach but work some careful (and mega fast) composition into there too.
I’ve been asked a few times recently how my style works with brighter weddings and it struck me as an interesting question, and one that I’d never really even considered. My job is simply to capture your day as emotively, authentically and beautifully as I can – whatever colours, styles and characters it brings – I hadn’t even thought about whether I might have a different approach depending on the colour pallette! If you’re after a photographer with a super punchy bright style then my edit probably isn’t for you. What I would advise though is to look at how each photographer’s style works across the whole of the wedding day. When I see strong editing styles used for lively dancefloor shots and busy urban scenes I love them, but often feel that the same approach for quieter moments and portrait work can look a little out of place and even unflattering. It’s always been important to me to achieve a style that works consistently beautifully throughout the whole of a wedding day.
So – to reassure anyone who is planning a bright wedding and would like to see how I work with less earthy-coloured tones, here’s a little look at the Bright Side of Life – slideshow below.