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Storrs Hall Wedding Photographer: Historical Lakeside Venue

I seem to have been a Storrs Hall Wedding Photographer many times in the last few of years. Every wedding I’ve shot there has been an absolute pleasure. Storrs Hall is a huge lakeside mansion was built in the 1790s and has all sorts of interesting history. From Wordsworth reciting his “Daffodils” poem in the drawing room to me jumping off the pier for a swim while the guests ate their meal because it was SO DAMN HOT in the heatwave of 2019!

There are lots of lovely hotels on the shores of Windermere, but Storrs Hall definitely has more lake frontage than most. It has huge gardens which actually form the shoreline of the lake, as well as a jetty and the beautiful stone pier out to the “Temple of the Heroes”. The woods are very pretty too, and all these features can be used during a short walk for portraits on your big day. There are tonnes of options without the need to head offsite.

Indoors there’s heaps of space, light and character. This is always reassuring when you’re not sure what the Lakeland weather might have in store! Storrs Hall is definitely a safe option if you’re worried about rain on your wedding day. There are lots of pretty little corners for portraits. The bar is a lovely deep blue with hints of gold and twinkly stained glass. The stairwell is grand and light-filled thanks to the beautiful stained glass rotunda.

I also have to mention how lovely the staff team are at Storrs Hall. They give 100% for every single couple and are always a joy to work with. The food is amazing too and really seems to go from strength to strength!

Click on the slideshow below to view some of my work there over the last couple of years.

Storrs Hall Wedding Photographer – view a Storrs Hall elopement here.