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Private Boathouse Wedding in the Lake District

A Gilpin Lakehouse Elopement was perfect for Lucy + Jack. They chose to secretly wed at the luxurious Gilpin Lakehouse, picking a late spring date which then turned out to be perfect weather. I adored their style. I see and photograph at least 100 white/cream wedding dresses every year. As beautiful as they are, when I get one in colour or, as in this case, in glorious vampy black, I do an excited little dance!

We all enjoyed a beautiful elopement ceremony by Cumbria Registrars on the decking outside the private boathouse. Once the paperwork was signed we took some time to wander around the grounds. Then, of course, it was time to head out on the rowing boat. I’ve photographed so many different couples out on the boat and I love how it always feels and looks so different! Rowing style is part of it. Sometimes slick and impressive, sometimes with much hilarity, whooping and screaming! It’s also something about the magic of the tarn though. No two days are the same, there is always a different look and feel.

90 minutes later I had left them to enjoy their amazing Michelin-starred food in the peace and quiet of the boathouse. It’s fairy lights were still twinkling despite the bright sun. It’s such a funny old job I do. I pop into one of the most important parts of two peoples’ lives, tell the story of it, then disappear into thin air!

A speedy 10 minute drive home and I was ready to work on their preview pictures for the announcement. A perfect little Gilpin Lakehouse elopement for a gorgeous couple.

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Thinking of booking a wedding at Gilpin Lakehouse?

Please feel free to contact me about my thoughts on this great venue and how to make the most of it. You can view more work there at the link below.