I’m not going to lie, the weather was proper PANTS at Dee and Owen’s wedding. Full on rain ALL OF THE DAY. Windy, soggy, wetting-ly rain-y rain. Proper Lakes Rain. The kind of weather that takes a team of people and erratic brollies to even get the happy couple outside for a few moments.

And do you know what? It couldn’t have been more perfect! Dee and Owen didn’t bother one bit – they decided that it still looked pretty and sounded romantic. They felt that the rain wrapped them up in Belmount Hall in a happy little cocoon. I am in love with these two.

There is everything to remember about this wedding. Dee’s dress blowing in the wind and catching the little light that there was. The zillion pumpkins and gourds all carefully homegrown months in advance. The much-needed shawl made by their friend Hannah – who got them together in the first place. The windows misting up with all the happy conversations and the wintery sound of the much -awaited fireworks that we couldn’t even really see.

As Dee’s dad said in his speech, with these two there are no tones, no angles – what you see is what you get. I am so happy I got to be with them both on their big day.

Venue: Belmount Hall – they get it so right, every time
Hair and Make up – GemmaLouise Hair and Makeup – super duper job as ever
Flowers: Brackens of Bowness – everyone commented on the blooms all day – as they always do with these guys in charge!