Lianne and Liam's amazing Morecambe wedding

January 23, 2018  •  5 Comments

A wedding to remember in Morecambe


Back in May I swore I wouldn't take any more Saturday weddings for 2017. Then Lianne got in touch, and I was like *GAH*, she's one of those lovely bridesmaids at Jack and Gemma’s wedding and *GAH-y GAH-face* her wedding is IN MORECAMBE!!! Oh Hi Lianne, yep I’m totally available, where do I sign? Oh hang on, yep you need to sign here..."

Now I know we all love the Lake District; the rolling hills, the craggy fells and the romantic vast moody lakes… but to me the sunny shambles of Morecambe is 100% the shizz. Some of my happiest memories are in this odd place. My soul is just so happy when I’m there. It’s a funny thing shared by a precious few who remember the thrill of our nearest seaside town with it’s exotic takeaways and urban myths of Frontier Land’s rickety Cat n’ Mouse ride. Maybe it’s because it’s less than an hour’s drive, but feels like a world away from the sophisticated, pricey tourism of home. Whatever - it gets that travelling butterfly feeling going in my tummy.

Anyway, 300+ weddings in and this is my first one in Morky!! It was perfectly fresh yet old school. Here are some random observations:


1. I love that I was included in the breakfast bap pre-order.

2. Getting ready in the family home is the best. The light is generally rubbish and there’s stuff everywhere which isn’t good for my OCD, but it just has so much more feeling and that beats everything else. I need to remember that.

3. I’m addicted to nanna’s. I sadly never met either of mine. I live in hope that I get to be one.

4. Bridesmaids are often quite useful, but at this wedding they went a step further – they donned pinnies over their pretty dresses and manned the Parisian cafe.

5. Pie, peas and pickles is an excellent wedding food choice in every way.

6. Same goes for massive wedges of Victoria sponge and pouring cream.

7. Buildings are amazing things. This Winter Gardens had so much personality I swear I could hear it sighing in happiness that it was being used as it was meant to be once again, rejoicing in every unintentional splatter of gravy and beer.


9. Lianne and Liam you are ace.

10. Did I mention I love Morecambe?



Venue: Lancaster Priory Church then Morecambe Winter Gardens
Lianne’s  dress: Justin Alexander, from The Bridal Collection Lancaster
Veil: Pink Margaret veils
Hair: Danielle Wallis Hair
Make Up: The Beauty Book, Harley Bradbury
Food: Kennedys Pies, Morecambe
Bus: Classic Bus Company, Catch 22 Buses, Blackpool
Flowers were put together by the bride, her mum and her Nanna (all supermarket!)




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