Jack and Gemma's homemade spring wedding at the Ashton Memorial and Lancaster Brewery

August 06, 2017  •  9 Comments

What an amazing group of friends and family Jack and Gemma have - so much fun all day! The Ashton Memorial is always such a pleasure to photograph at - such a stunning location with perfect light whatever the weather - and those steps and pillars are one of the best places for group photos! After a few shots in the butterfly house and grounds we headed down to for the wedding reception at Lancaster Brewery. Nestled at the back of an industrial park, the brewery is a real hidden gem of a venue. It has so much character inside, and I absolutely love the slightly more urban feel of the surroundings, which can give a fresh, quirky twist to some more couple and group shots. Should you feel the need for a bit more greenery, there's now a newly developed woodland area which had some lovely blossom. I also did a little yelp of delight as I came across the old dry sledge run in the undergrowth - we used to visit Hornsea Pottery there back in the day and whizzing down that sledge run at 100mph was one of my favourite things to do! The concrete tracks can just be spotted amongst the plants and flowers if you look closely enough!

I hope these images show just how much fun we all had - not least thanks to comedian Kriss Foster - was was 100% hilarious!

Venue: Ashton Memorial and Lancaster Brewery
Deliciously random singer/comedian/Very Small Museum proprietor: Kriss Foster
Ace band: Munch
Awesome food: Kelly's Kitchen



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