A 1970s Disco Inspired Wedding Shoot in the stunning ruins of Kirklinton Hall

March 30, 2017  •  11 Comments

Our recent outing to the wonderful Kirklinton Hall saw us doing two styled shoots in one day. The 17th Century ruin of Kirklinton, set amidst a vast 14 acres of gardens, is an amazing place for a wedding. It's rustic, rough-edged and packed full of romance. The team there are brilliant and there was a huge amount of work underway to upgrade everything ready for the new season - they have exciting times ahead! Our morning was spent enjoying a gentle and fairly classically styled elopement scene, with a hint of all things French. Then afterwards....well, we went a bit loopy with disco balls, metallics, a peacock palette and general 70s-inspired craziness! It was great fun to show how, in the right hands, a venue can be styled so completely differently!

As ever it was an honour to work alongside an amazing cast of suppliers from across the region - all of whom you should definitely check out if you are planning a wedding any time soon!

Venue: Kirklinton Hall
Make up: Aimée Chorley Make-Up Artist
Hairstyling: Gareth at Aqua bridal hair
Dresses: Legend Bridal Designs
Co-ordination, Disco balls and backdrop: Typical Type
Florist: Brackens of Bowness
Styling: Wilde & Romantic
Mirror: Neat Creative


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All artist did an impressive job to complete this styled shoot, I'm a fashion designer and completed masters in fashion designing from London Institute of Arts. I love to see this type of fashionable shoots to add to my Catalogue as well into my blog.
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