A Perfect English and Scottish wedding at Ingleton Church and Underley Grange

February 25, 2017  •  14 Comments

It’s not often you start a wedding day with a shoot of the groomsmen in a hot tub – and it gets even more odd when you quickly discover you were actually at university with the groom!
Later that morning, when I arrived at Underley Grange, it was a hive of happy activity, with friends and family all pitching in to put up the decorations, set up the bar and make all the final arrangements. It was a warm summer's day and children skipped around the gardens while adults enjoyed a picnic lunch on the terrace. It was British perfection!
Before long it was time to head up the road to the church at Ingleton, a pretty, bustling little village where everyone stopped to see the arrival of the beautiful bride. A lovely church service was followed by my first ever shinty-stick-confetti-tunnel which was great fun!
Back at Underley Grange the party was soon in full swing, a piper, the speeches, whiskey in the evening sun and then, the perfect end to the perfect day: Bahookie! I've been recommending them ever since - such an amazing band - you won't believe what they'll have all your guests doing - well worth every penny!



Venue: Underley Grange, Kirkby Lonsdale and St.Mary's Ingleton

Hair and Make up: Faye from Beau Rouge Make Up

Bride's Dress: Pan Pan Bridal, Edinburgh

Florist: The Buttonhole, Kirkby Lonsdale

Ice Cream Van: Graham's Family Dairy

Wedding Car: Cumbria Classic Wedding Cars

Band: Bahookie



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