Street Photography in Sunny Lisbon

December 01, 2017  •  1 Comment


"Many a trip continues long after movement in time and space have ceased". He was a clever lad was John Steinbeck.

I think I left a little bit of my heart in Lisbon. Or maybe I brought a little bit of Lisbon back in it. Either way, this magical place which wasn't even anywhere near my top 10 places to visit totally surpassed all my expectations.

This is the second time this year I've been lucky enough to travel overseas with a group of photographers - Barcelona being the first. With little more agenda than eating, drinking and taking a few photos of whatever happens to happen, it's fast becoming one of my new favourite ways to develop my photography. 

Flights were super cheap (even though, due to various issues we ended up with almost FORTY flights between the 8 of us!) and our accommodation was great value and fabulous.

It was the people I was with who totally made the trip - and I knew that was a given. As for location, I'm not sure what I had imagined Lisbon would be, but what I loved was:

- The SUN. It was still so flipping lovely and warm, even in mid November.

- The culture - a perfect mish mash. Ancient and crumbling dancing happily alongside the edgy and hip.

- The people - welcoming and consistently tolerant of 8 people with twice as many cameras.

- The food - chuffing Nora - the FOOD - a few links below but it was all just SO GOOD.

- The prices - I totally didn't expect this. It's super cheap! Amazing local wine in the sunset-view terrace bar...8 freaking euros a bottle!!


Must do things:

Take a tram ride - we only just squeezed this in at the last minute, it was a great experience

Ler Devagar Bookstore - if you do ONE THING in this city then make sure it is visiting Pietro on the top level for a tour of his amazing intentionally useless inventions. He is a dream of a human.

Eat great burritos at Mez Cais LX

Visit the calm Heim cafe for the best broccolli in the entire world (yes a whole meal of broccolli that is truly amazing...washed down with Aperol spritz)

Pop into Mercearia da Mila for all your deli detox style breakfast and lunch needs.

Spend a few hours at the world famous Time Out market - total heaven for foodies and perfect for large group eating and pleasing everyone.

**Drunkenly purchasing a large fake fur coat and a ceramic donkey head are optional but also recommended**


What I wish I'd known

The cobbled streets of Lisbon are beautiful but super steep and mega slippy - wear flat shoes with a bit of grip and expect aching calves!!


Technical details

All of the below are taken on my Canon 5d mk4 with 35mm 1.4L....apart from the framed selection at the end which are shot on film on my mum's old Olympus OM1


The talented and lovely team I travelled with

Lizzie Adams

Hannah Hall

Tim Dunk

Gavin Hardy

Will Fuller

Charlotte Rawles

Robert Watson



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