Flower Fairies and Dip Dye at Askham Hall

March 26, 2015  •  9 Comments

In the winter months, when there are not quite so many real brides, us wedding suppliers like to get together and have a play around. We chat, we Pin, we plan, we spot trends, we make a few up, and then come together to create a little bit of chaos and a whole lot of magic.
For this shoot the backdrop was the awesome Askham Hall, and we decided to plan around two themes - woodland flower fairies and dip dye. Rather than keep the two separate, we worked together to blend them, with a more earthy feel for the "day" morphing into a more sparkly, girly feel for the "evening" - hoping we might inspire brides to be brave enough to do the same.
It was creative bliss - have a peep below!
Venue and food: Askham Hall
Co-ordination and Lighting: Typical Type
Styling Nina Marika
Make up: Aimée Chorley
Macarons: Medici Macarons
Models: Summer, Farrah, Sophie, Sadie and Betty


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