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Best Wedding Decor Florist Tips and Myths Debunked

I asked the wonderful Sam at Free Range Floristry to de-bunk a few myths about wedding flowers and working with a florist. Like me, Sam is based in the Lake District and was voted BEST WEDDING DECOR FLORIST UK USA Europe 2022 By Florists Review Magazine and comes Vogue recommended so she knows her stuff. She also always tells it like it is, which is why I knew she’d be perfect for advice! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sam on several weddings and elopements in the Lake District and she always does a perfect job. She’ll never cut corners but she IS a master at repurposing installations throughout the day to make sure budgets are well spent. She also makes sure everyone knows how to hold their bouquets correctly and she fixes on buttonholes to perfection, all of which make you look better and therefore my job easier!

Working with a wedding florist: 9 Myths

Seasonal British flowers are cheaper

Oops a daisy no they’re not. Unfortunately British Florals are significantly more expensive than imports. Why? Because there are less of them, the growth window is smaller and we have tighter rules about fertiliser/pesticides than other countries. They’re a responsible choice, but not a cheap one.

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Everyone needs a buttonhole

Ah the buttonhole, the political grenade waiting to explode mid wedding breakfast leading to Aunt Ada on the Groom’s second cousin’s removed side in tears in the bathroom. It happens. Solution? One buttonhole for the groom only. If your guests want one, send them in the direction of your booked florist. You’ll save yourself over £££ and can use that for something more important to you.

Professional photos of wedding flowers are always reliable

You’ll need to look at a mixture of photographers’ work and florists own photos to see what florals actually look like in real life. Professional images are often heavily filtered. We call this the ‘Dusty Pink Effect’ because they turn blooms every shade of pink and greens are often desaturated.

You can easily save money by DIY

I mean, you can. If you have a HUGE network you SHOULD. But, it is incredibly easy to underestimate how much time and expertise goes into floral art. An average £2,000 wedding is 5 full days work, which spans before, during and after the wedding.

Flowers aren’t worth it, the venue is beautiful enough.

Flowers can literally transform and improve even the prettiest of venues in a few hours. They shift the culture and vibe of the day as much as a good DJ or host AND will be one of the most beautiful accessories you ever wear in your life. Buy the damn flowers.
The list of regrets is zero.

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Bridesmaids need flowers

They’re already getting a dress, their hair and make up, probably a gift and a night’s stay with a free meal – as your friend they won’t mind if they don’t get flowers. If you want to save, a simple corsage is a wonderful option that won’t break the bank and will free up budget for some wow factor venue flowers.
If you don’t intend on having a group shot on your sitting room wall of all the bridesmaids with you, it probably isn’t worth 1/3 of your budget.

Foliage is a cheap and easy option

My goodness it looks beautiful, packs a punch of wow factor and makes you feel like you’re walking through a romantic version of Jumanjii – but it’s often the same price per stem as flowers and for that reason is synonymous with higher end budgets.

Everything needs to match

It doesn’t all need to blend – it just needs to not clash. Trust your florist’s judgement and understand that Pinterest won’t give you the real life tones of flowers. Obsessing over the tiny details is no fun at all for you!

You can meet your florist before you commit

Be wary of florists who have too much time. If you’re planning on hiring a successful and popular florist you can’t expect to meet them before you’ve paid for their services. Lots of Florists safeguard their concepts or rightly sell them to you.

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