Arctic Norway – Travel Photography on Senja Island

How ridiculous to travel so far for just three days. And how bloody wonderful.

My two big sisters and I adventured to Arctic Norway for a long weekend  to celebrate a special birthday for my sister Senja – with a visit to the island she was named after.

We loved having some rare time together away from our busy lives and what better setting that the breathtaking scenery of Norway, in the eerie, peacefulness of the polar night. Each day held us in a mere whisper of light – it was impossible to tell if it was getting earlier or later…delightfully disorientating.

We saw massive white tailed eagles who have made every variety of seagull an endangered species and are a threat to even the largest of domestic dogs.

We laughed at the Golden Loo that cost 3 million Krone, designed for just one person at a time, on one throne, with a view of the northern lights…except they’re not open in winter when the lights dance..

We learnt all about the immense riches of the fishing trade while visiting a silent, immaculate fishing village.

We discovered a cosy retreat with the best bedroom ever, kettles with names and treasures everywhere you looked.

We looked at old photos from when our parents came here back in the 60s before the bridge was built and we spent a flipping fortune on food and drink and it was worth every bit!

Skagi Senja Hotel & lodge
Kråkeslottet Senja
Tour by Hamn i Senja